December 4th, 2020

Over many years Rabbi Dunner has collected innumerable oddities and rarities spanning every era of Jewish history and literary activity. In his series “Treasures from the Rabbi’s Library,” here in its second season, Rabbi Dunner reveals some of the forgotten pieces of Jewish literary history that he has in his vast library, revealing the stories behind them, and the reasons for his interest in them.

In this episode, Rabbi Dunner shares some newly acquired pieces relating to the Yabloner Rebbe, Rabbi Yechezkel Taub aka George Nagel, whose remarkable story Rabbi Dunner revealed in 2018. He also looks at a piece that relates to a controversy in Kosice, between Rabbi Shaul Brach and Rabbi Shmuel Engel. A bitter fight over the rabbinate of Shopron between the supporters of Rabbi Menachem Greenwald’s sons and the proponents of Rabbi Shimon Posen is the focus of the next piece, opening the way for some incredible revelations, both regarding Rabbi Posen, and about the Greenwald family. Finally, Rabbi Dunner shares an extremely rare and controversial piece, a published transcript of the speech given by the Belzer Rebbe’s brother before they left Budapest for Palestine in 1944.

Once again, a fabulous selection of treasures and backstories to delight any aficionado of modern Jewish history.

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