Rabbi Pini Dunner is among the most thoughtful and articulate voices of Centrist Orthodoxy today.

Allen Fagin, Orthodox Union

One of the most vibrant voices of our time is the voice of Rabbi Pini. His is a voice that speaks to the heart and to the head.

Robert Davi, Hollywood Actor

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Rabbi Dunner's expertise spans the worlds of academia, media, business, and the timeless wisdom of Judaism. His articles on current affairs, history, Bible, Talmud, philosophy, politics, and a host of other subjects, frequently appear in newspapers and journals, and he is regularly called upon to address diverse audiences across the United States on a range of topics.

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Rabbi Dunner campaigns tirelessly for numerous U.S. based and Israeli charitable causes from his home in Beverly Hills.

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Rabbi Dunner is a published author, exploring some of the most curious and controversial Jewish figures of the last three centuries in the brand new book "Mavericks, Mystics & False Messiahs."
The volume considers how these individuals impacted their communities and Judaism as a whole in ways that continue to reverberate within Jewish life today.

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Rabbi Dunner is widely renowned for his teaching style, and has been described as “passionate” and “charismatic”. His classes and lectures on a vast range of topics have become world renowned, broadcast to vast audiences in print, audio and video.