HEARTS & MINDS by Rabbi Pini Dunner


Publisher: Otzrot Books, Beverly Hills CA

Publication Date: January 31, 2021

In this selection from Rabbi Pini Dunner’s weekly articles on the parsha you will discover that no topic is off-limits, no information is too obscure, and no idea is too remote that he won’t write about it and connect it to the Torah portion. Rabbi Dunner delights in embracing the widest possible range of knowledge, reveling in both breadth and depth, in order to demonstrate that whatever the topic or idea may be, it can always be found somewhere in the Torah, or at least the solution to the puzzle or problem it presents can be sourced in the Torah.

In HEARTS & MINDS, Rabbi Dunner takes his lead from the sages of the Talmud, leaping head-first into any subject that comes his way, devouring it in every vivid detail, and then finding its reflection in the foundational text of Judaism, the Torah. Rabbi Dunner’s articles on the weekly parsha are truly unique. The format is simple: he takes a general interest topic, dissects it, and then brings in an interesting insight from the Torah portion to shed light on the topic at hand. The connections are often nonintuitive, and always original.

RABBI PINI DUNNER hails from a prominent German rabbinic dynasty that miraculously survived the Holocaust and reestablished itself in London, England. He is an acknowledged expert on antiquarian Hebrew books and manuscripts and is frequently consulted by libraries, academics, dealers, and private collectors. Rabbi Dunner currently serves as the Senior Rabbi at Beverly Hills Synagogue and resides in Beverly Hills, California, together with his wife and children.

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