The “Rabbi Dunner Discretionary Fund” is a charitable fund of Beverly Hills Synagogue.

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The Fund was created to assist individuals and families who may need a helping hand, and to offer support to organizations and causes that need support from the community.

All monies donated to the fund will be distributed at the sole discretion of Rabbi Dunner, to individuals and families in need, or to 501c(3) registered charitable organizations.

If you would like more information, please contact Rabbi Dunner via the contact page.

Donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund are fully tax deductible, and you will receive a receipt by email or mail, depending on your preference.


If you prefer to donate by check, please send a check made out to “YINBH Beverly Hills Synagogue” and mail it to:

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Rabbi Dunner Discretionary Fund
c/o M. Kramer
9261 Alden Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210

Please note: Donations to the Rabbi Dunner's Discretionary Fund may not be earmarked for any individual, and may not be used as a "pass through" donation directed towards another charity. Donations made to the Rabbi Dunner's Discretionary Fund will not be directed towards his synagogue’s operating costs, programming costs, or for the personal benefit of the Rabbi, or the synagogue’s Board of Directors.

For questions about the operation of the Discretionary Fund please contact Beverly Hills Synagogue Treasurer, Sam Varon, via