Rabbi Pini Dunner’s writings are marked by a profound level of brilliance, combined with a voluminous, deep knowledge of history and world events. His perspective is fascinating, his ability to contextualize, unique. On top of all that, he’s incapable of writing a boring sentence.

- Jonathan Kellerman

Best-selling novelist & Clinical Professor of Pediatrics and Psychology, Keck USC School of Medicine
Rabbi Dunner is a true mensch! He has a deep knowledge of Judaism blended with an easygoing manner & sharp sense of humor…. a potent combo for helping those around him. Rabbi Dunner possesses a true passion for his synagogue and community & within minutes of meeting him, you already feel like part of the family.

- Oz Pearlman

Mentalist & Magician, New York USA
Rabbi Pini Dunner is an outstanding Rav and scholar who has put together a wonderful collection of many of his articles on Torah, Judaism, Israel and the modern world that are vital tools for all those who seek to deepen their knowledge and enrich their lives through learning.

- Rabbi Marvin Hier

Founder & Dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center
If I were asked to define Rabbi Pini Dunner in One Word, it would be ‘PASSIONATE’ ! ! ! Rabbi Pini Dunner gives 100% of himself to everything he does. As a result, his devotion to Torah, love for his family, and knowledge of Jewish Laws and Traditions is endless. We could go on and on with the accolades, but the one thing that we appreciate most about the rabbi is that we can call him our friend. In fact, that is how the entire membership of his congregation at Beverly Hills Synagogue feels about the wonderful Rabbi Pini Dunner.

- George W. Schaeffer

Aloxxi International Corp, Palm Beach USA
Rabbi Pini Dunner is a gifted and charismatic rabbi and teacher. Anyone who has been exposed to his educational efforts in London, Los Angeles, or elsewhere, can testify to the excellence of his teaching. His website will make his teaching available to an even wider audience – and at all times. And so it should be!

- Shnayer Leiman

Professor of Jewish History and Literature, Brooklyn College & Yeshiva University, New York USA
One of the most vibrant voices of our time is the voice of Rabbi Pini. His is a voice that speaks to the heart and to the head. He is of our time, but like all men of wisdom – timeless. Rabbi Pini Dunner's voice speaks to us all, no matter what religion we are. Whether it is his written word, his lectures, or his song, on topics as wide-ranging as the latest technological advances, or a question on some 2000-year-old Talmudic law -- Rabbi Dunner is necessary in our lives.

- Robert Davi

Hollywood Actor, Los Angeles USA
Rabbi Pini Dunner started his rabbinical career as my assistant rabbi in Moscow at the beginning of the 1990's. He is very gifted, a charismatic leader, and the scion of an illustrious rabbinical family. Rabbi Pini possesses a thorough knowledge of Jewish religious thought and Jewish history. A wonderful speaker, with an important message, always worth listening to.

- Pinchas Goldschmidt

Chief Rabbi of Moscow & President, Conference of European Rabbis
Rabbi Pini Dunner is one of the greatest and most inspiring religious leaders of this generation. His brilliant and expansive knowledge, his ability to communicate with passion and empathy, and his heart for the human family make him a force for good. There is no doubt that future generations will be studying his work. I’m privileged to call Rabbi Dunner my friend.

- Bishop Robert Stearns

Eagles’ Wings Ministry, Buffalo USA
Rabbi Pini Dunner is among the most thoughtful and articulate voices of Centrist Orthodoxy today. His viewpoints on Torah, Zionism and issues of public policy and communal concern are widely followed by audiences throughout the United States.

- Allen Fagin

Orthodox Union, New York, USA