October 7th, 2020

One of the most remarkable online events of 2020, the Global Succah Hop was hosted by Rabbi Dunner and Clive Lawton. It captured a wide variety of Sukkot vignettes from around the world.

Although COVID-19 prevented customary in-person succah visits during the Sukkot festival, the Global Succah Hop enabled Jews everywhere to visit succahs in countries on every continent (with the one exception – as Rabbi Dunner pointed out – of Antarctica!).

Featuring sukkot in Sydney, Mumbai, Kampala, Dubai, Maputo, Gibraltar, Bermuda, Mexico, Brazil — as well as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, London, New York, Los Angeles and Toronto — the Global Succah Hop was truly a global event.

The Global Succah Hop showcases a wonderful kaleidoscope of Jewish communities around the world, in addition to meaningful messages from the President of the State of Israel, the Chief Rabbi of the UK, the Chairman of the Jewish Agency, and a few surprise guests, including David Suissa, editor of the Jewish Journal, and the iconic Jewish comedian Gilbert Gottfried — all presided over by Rabbi Dunner and Clive Lawton, making this one of the most enjoyable Jewish live streaming experiences ever attempted.

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