November 19th, 2020

Puzzled by the fact that her unborn baby seemed to be attracted to both paganism and monotheism, Rebecca consulted God — only to discover that she would be giving birth to twins. “There are two nations in your womb,” God explained to Rebecca, “and these two nations will go their separate ways once they emerge.”

Rabbi Dunner presents a fascinating Nesivos Sholom on Toldot which tries to make sense of this puzzling vignette. What was Rebecca thinking when she asked the question? What is the eternal message of the “two nations” concept? How can we apply this story to our own lives? The Nesivos Sholom unlocks the puzzle at the heart of this story, and offers us a meaningful interpretation that can help us understand the human condition, and how we can overcome any material handicap to get closer to God.

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(For the SoundCloud audio, scroll down) I would like to share just a few of the antisemitic incidents that have been reported in the news in the past few days.... Read More

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