June 3rd, 2020

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin was the founding rabbi of Lincoln Square Synagogue in New York City, which he led for 20 years. In 1983 he went on aliyah with many members of his community to become chief rabbi of Efrat, a city he founded in the heart of Gush Etzion.

In Israel Rabbi Riskin founded the Ohr Torah Stone Institutions, a network of high schools and colleges that train rabbis and have produced countless Jewish leaders on every continent.

A close friend of Rabbi Dunner and of the Beverly Hills community, Rabbi Riskin recently celebrated his eightieth birthday and published his latest book, “Judaism, A Love Story“.

In this milestone interview, Rabbi Riskin reflects on many decades of active communal life, and addresses the manifold challenges facing the State of Israel and Jewish communities of the twenty-first century.

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