October 21st, 2022

Both the Book of Bereishit and Parshat Bereishit contain important lessons, many of them tucked away in quite obscure references. Rabbi Dunner turns to his grandfather’s sefer, Mikdash Halevi, to explore why Sefer Bereishit is referred to as “Sefer Hayashar”; what the story of the double portion of manna on Fridays can tell us about Shabbat; and why Adam was asked to name all the animals immediately after he was created.

This Parsha Shiur was sponsored by Cecile and Ed Gromis in memory of Cecile’s mother, Anna Silberspitz, Chana bat Shimon a”h, whose yahrtzeit is on the 13th of Tishrei.

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Rabbi Dunner examines the topic of humor and comedy in Judaism. Does the halacha allow it? What does the Talmud say? When is it appropriate to laugh and engage in... Read More

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