April 2nd, 2023

Imagine the scene… five of the greatest rabbis of the generation gather together in a room to celebrate Pesach. It is a seder that has gone down in history as *the* example of what a seder should look like. The five rabbis discussed the Exodus from Egypt all night long, and were so absorbed in the story that they needed to be reminded about saying Shema when dawn broke.

Rabbi Dunner unpicks the story of this seminal seder, delving into every detail, and into the personalities of the rabbis themselves, to gain a deeper understanding of what happened that night, revealing why this story has so much to teach us, even today.

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Rabbi Dunner examines the topic of humor and comedy in Judaism. Does the halacha allow it? What does the Talmud say? When is it appropriate to laugh and engage in... Read More

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