January 29th, 2020

Of all the plagues to afflict Egypt in the period leading up to the Exodus, the most intriguing, and the most controversial, was the plague of darkness. During this plague the Egyptians were plunged into a “thick” darkness, unable to see or even do anything, such was the utter lack of light.

All the commentaries struggle to define this plague. What was it that caused the darkness, and how was it that the Israelites were completely unaffected?

Rabbi Dunner presents an astonishing array of opinions, running from the classical commentaries to far more recent interpretations, and even including some from gentile bible scholars, in an attempt to understand this challenging plague and how it could have occurred.

This Shiur was sponsored by Ed & Cecile Gromis, in memory of Ed’s mother, Chana Gromis, Chana bat Moshe Yehudah Hacohen A”H — Yahrtzeit on 7 Shevat

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